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About Me

Passionate about Marketing, Advertising, Technology, and Music.

Hello! I’m Sarah, a Business and Music student at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I grew up in Bergen County, NJ, and am finishing my degree and graduating in May 2024. 

I have always been passionate about business, music, and technology. Most recently, I finished an internship at Spotify in the Advertising department. As a Campaign Management Intern, I managed and optimized campaigns and generated performance reports for brands like Apple TV, Hulu, PepsiCo, Peloton, and HelloFresh. I also completed projects like a Spotify Ad Campaign Strategy for Skidmore College and a three-month long research project about AI and Advertising with my intern team of four. 

Prior to Spotify, I was also a Product Design Intern at tech company HuSoft Solutions, a Marketing intern at Inflooense (Saratoga Springs-based influencer marketing platform), and a Content Management intern at Educational-Tech company Antimatter Systems. For the duration of my first year of college, I also interned for record label Deko Entertainment, where I created social media content for artists like Albert Bouchard (founding member of Blue Öyster Cult) and Tiffany

At Skidmore, I work for the Office of Communications & Marketing where I create social media and brand marketing campaigns for the college’s channels such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Outside of my campus jobs, I serve as a Co-President of Skidmore’s Women In Business Club and help record student-bands as a TA and Engineer in the college’s recording studio. In my spare time, I enjoy documenting the food of Saratoga Springs on my Instagram account @Sarah_In_Toga, making music, and reading. 


Spotify Advertising x AI (Final Summer Intern Project) 

During my summer at Spotify, myself and my intern team of four conducted a three-month long research project on the effects of AI in the Advertising industry. For our final presentation, we reported our findings to the national Campaign Management team of 80+ members.

Skidmore College Spotify Ad Campaign Proposal

Executed digital advertising campaign strategy for Skidmore College to advertise on Spotify (Launched in November 2023). 

Sarah In Toga (Saratoga Springs-Based Instagram Account)

For the past year, I have run an Instagram account to document the food of Saratoga Springs, NY. I post about simple coffee outings or trying new restaurants in the area. The account has been recognized by brands like I Love NY and Discover Saratoga

Artist & Music Producer (Self-Employed)

I am a musician and producer and create instrumental and indie music. I also enjoy engineering and mixing for jazz groups, rock and indie musicians, and singer-songwriters. 

Technical skills

Google Ad Manager, Tableau, Excel, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Adobe InDesign, and Logic Pro and Pro Tools recording softwares.